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Prayers for 90th Anniversary

Prayer to ask for direction to show us how to best serve our community in the future.

These will all be held at Merton Park Baptist Church.

Sunday 16th September: Girls Brigade Anniversary and Lunch

10.30am at Merton Park Baptist Church

A reflection on 90 years of the Girls Brigade being active in our Church.

And celebrating 125 years since the Girls Brigade has been formed, with lunch.

Sunday 23rd September: Y Course Kickoff

4.00pm at Merton Park Baptist Church

The Y Course exists because the gap between those inside the church and those outside gets ever wider.

The content comes mainly from the Gospels the texts created with a view to people finding faith in Jesus and following him.

Sunday 7th October: Harvest Celebration

10.30am at Merton Park Baptist Church

Come and join us!